May 17, 2022

Which Type of Mattress is Good for Health in India?

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Which Type of Mattress is Good for Health in India?

We all know how crucial it is to sleep well each night in order to be healthy. Mattresses also play a crucial role in ensuring our health. Let’s see which type of mattress is good for health in India.

The energy we replenish during sleep is an important element of our sleep cycle and body cycles. Our bodies are used in various methods, but not everybody experiences the same level of energy consumption and inputs as other people and this is evident in different ways throughout our lives.

People who are physically active are more active in general since exercise improves their metabolism and ensures that their body functions function optimally.

People who are sedentary will feel more tired from sitting all day long due to the fact that the brain and the base metabolic rate is their only sources of energy.

Whatever the reason our bodies require attention and support while we sleep. A good mattress is essential in ensuring the proper energy recuperation due to deep sleep.

Which Type of Mattress is Good for Back Pain?

  1. Coir Mattresses

Mattresses made of coir are some of the most robust and solid mattresses on the market today, due to the quality of the numerous layers of coconut coir fibre layers which have been treated using latex and then merged.

In essence, you gain benefits from both Coir fibre and the latex that makes your mattress water- and breathable absorbent, as well as strong and well-cooled.

This mattress is an ideal choice for those who suffer from back pain because it’s durable enough to allow spinal alignment, in contrast to more springy mattresses which tend to bounce a lot.

  1. Memory Foam Mattress

An interesting piece of information about memory foam mattresses that may appeal to you is that the product was first developed through NASA in the early 1960s to enhance the cushions of their aircraft and was only available for purchase starting in 1991.

The main aspect of this bed is that it gives a “sinking in” feeling it provides when you sleep on the top.

The foam will conform to the shape of your body when you sleep on it, and it will bounce back once you wake up. This is especially beneficial if are a side sleeper, or when you have an injury that needs softness.

  1. Foam Mattress

Foam mattresses provide a flexible range of mattresses that have different types ranging from soft to extra-firm, based on the kind of foam used to make it.

Many people are of the opinion that soft mattresses cause back issues due to their lack of support. Foam mattresses are a great way to dispel this myth since they’re soft and durable enough to offer plenty of support for your back no matter what sleeping position.

  1. Spring Mattress

The idea behind spring mattresses is that the entire mattress is made up of individual pocket springs which minimize the transfer of motion from one side that sleeps to the next.

This is extremely beneficial for those whose spouses frequently move while sleeping. The pocket spring that has 3 zones variation in this class is the one to definitely look for. It gives you more support for your body as well as peaceful sleep.

  1. Orthopedic Mattress

Like the name implies orthopedic mattresses are custom-made mattresses designed for people suffering from orthopaedic issues. They are made to help treat or support medical conditions, such as deformities of joints, spines or other joints as well as conditions that require a firm mattress for sleeping.

Orthopedic mattresses are able be tailored to fit the individual’s preferences and can provide targeted comfort.

If you have an illness similar to that of your own or have a family member suffering from this medical condition, it is recommended to take a look at this option and consult your physician about it. Read and know more about Which type of mattress is good for health in India.

So, Consider This Mattress for Good Health

  1. Sleepyhead Original 3 Layered Memory Foam Mattress

Which Type of Mattress is Good for Health in India

This Sleepyhead 3-layered mattress has three of the features you often want in the mattress with orthopaedic support to ensure a good sleep, pressure-relieving memory foam that allows for relaxed and comfortable sleeping and finally that cosy feeling that you only find on hotel mattresses.

The high-density HR foam it comes with makes it ideal for back support, which you require when you sleep. The mattress is also sturdy enough to last for longer than you expected.

Sleepyhead is a step ahead of other companies on the market in terms of their exterior covers. The cover is made with high-end fabrics that are very easy to wash and doesn’t fade in any way.

This means you can maintain your mattress free of dust by washing it many times without having to worry about its appearance getting ruined.

They have been engaged for several years of R&D and states that the mattress they’ve come up with can be used by as many as 90 per cent of body kinds, which is superior to other mattresses on the market.

  • 3 Layers: Orthopaedic Layer, Memory Foam Layer and Comfort Foam Layer
  • Premium outer cover
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Made in India
  • A trial of 100 nights is available.

  1. SleepyCat Orthopaedic Plus Gel Memory Foam Mattress 

Which Type of Mattress is Good for Health in India

The Sleepy Cat company is not focused only on offering mattresses at an affordable price but also focus on its quality products. Its exceptional quality is what makes the company stand out from the others.

If you are thinking of purchasing this top orthopaedic memory foam mattress by Sleep Cat, you can rest assured that you will not be disappointed in any way.

Sleepy Cat Plus comes with a six-inch premium orthopaedic mattress that will be available in 2022.

It has one inch of memory gel foam specially made to distribute your weight over the mattress so that you won’t feel the stress on just one body part during sleep.

The remainder is 5 inches of high-density support base foam, which will give the firm support your back requires to give you restful sleep.

The inside of the cover is breathable, making it possible to keep this Sleepy Car mattress well cool and ventilated. A removable outer cover offers you the ability to clean it at any time.

The thing that is unique about this mattress that draws you to buy is the fact that it’s in a box! That’s right, this mattress arrives in a box straight out of the manufacturer.

What’s the benefit to you? It eliminates the additional costs of transportation that a normal mattress would incur and cut costs substantially!

  • It has one inch of memory foam gel that distributes your weight across the mattress
  • The high-density foam gives strength, durability and structure
  • Cover that is washable and removable.
  • In the form of a box!
  • Gives back to the community

Conclusion: Which mattress is best for health

Choose one of these top mattresses to ensure you get the best night’s sleep you’ve ever experienced and lessen back pain caused by the mattress’s lack of support.

The purchase of a mattress is the best way to be healthier and happier, by getting better rest and avoiding the dreaded night. So, this concludes our topic for Which type of mattress is good for health in India.

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