August 9, 2017

Top 3 Best Full Body Massage Sofa Chair India

Top 3 Best Full Body Massage Sofa Chair India | VIEW TOP 3

The most functional Sofa Massage Chair from 3D Massage Technology. The uDivine App from Robotouch Massage Chair envelops you with intentionally arranged twofold directional, round thumb-utilizing and percussive massagers. These massagers are altered with a mix of the best back rub situate improvements to reproduce the hands of a specialist back rub authority.

Use the handheld remote to control on the seat, select your back rub program Feel the Human 3D Technology channel your shapes before the program begins. Loosen up through reducing back rub and add warmth to break up away weight. Use the application to examine about the back rub you’re tolerating on couch knead seat.

Worked in speakers arranged on each side of the headrest envelop you with music treatment to diminish extend and loosen up the cerebrum. Allow the music to alleviate you as the controlling, air-chamber and percussive massagers loosen up your body. Allow it to open stress from your muscles and release worries from your mind.

Pushed body revelation inspects your structures for a custom back rub. Around the begin of each program, body separating distinguishes your body’s exceptional shapes to pass on the most human-like, sensible and effective back rub.

You can furthermore adjust your back rub to your determination of activities and five power levels, along these lines considered under Top 3 Best Full Body Massage Sofa Chair India.

Each back rub program is proposed to progress loosening up and flourishing. As an extra preferred standpoint, switch on the glow in the ottoman versatile massager to ease throbbing, tired feet in the midst of any of the Multiple modes of back rub programs including Relax, Energize, Deep Tissue, Anti-Stress and Stretch. massage chair really effective for Loosen up works general weight, mitigating your body. So let us check out the list for the Top 3 Best Full Body Massage Sofa Chair India.

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Top 3 Best Full Body Massage Sofa Chair India

Top 3 Best Full Body Massage Sofa Chair India

Robotouch Echo Plus Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair – Ultimate Massage Experience-Space Saving

Key features of the Robotouch Echo Plus Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair

  • Designed with a set of vertically movable, four wheel driven
  • Muted intelligent massage hands designed with emulation massage methods
  • Shiatsu kneading, flapping, knocking ,simultaneous kneading and flapping Set
  • With the shoulder automatic detection and location Set with characterized auto massage function
  • Ache-improving comfort ease fast improving experience massage
  • Upper body lower body six kinds of automatic set with memory set on function.
  • Manual massage for the upper body with three options, fixed, partial and overall massage
  • With five levels of speed adjustable in the state of flapping, shiatsu and knocking
  • The width between the two kneading balls which are adjustable with three Levels Wide, medium and narrow.
  • On partial and fixed point, the massage hands can move up and down to adjust the massage point accurately.
  • Air pressure massage function with three modes full body air pressure arms
  • Upper arm set with 4 airbags arm set with 8 airbags),leg set with 16 airbags
  • Three intensity option.Leg designed with roller massage function
  • At the bottom of foot two pairs of papillae on toe root rotating massage on the arch and heel mastoid skin scraping massage
  • Back heating function; carbon fibre far infrared heat sourc Armrest side configuration Blue LED colorful artistic lamp.
  • Calf rest can extend steeples can fit different body height Backrest frame down slides used technology
  • To deviate from the wall by keeping zero space, reach the maximum space saving
  • 1 year National on-site RoboTouch warranty
  • One of the most searched under Top 3 Best Full Body Massage Sofa Chair India
Top 3 Best Full Body Massage Sofa Chair India

Robotouch Urban Full Featured Smart Luxury Zero Gravity Massage Chair
– Amazing Professional Full Body Massage Therapy

Key features of the Robotouch Urban Full Featured Smart Luxury Zero Gravity Massage Chair

  • Ergonomic designed luxurious 2D massage roller.
  • Engineered with Automatic scan & positioning of shoulder
  • Back cushion, rotatable upper arm rest,  adjustable calf rest length
  • Calf rest & back rest recline/decline,  Cell – Phone pocket.
  • Pre programmable time setting of 5-30 minutes in multiples of 5 minutes
  • Accessible with smart remote for speed and movements controls.
  • Massage chair with a set of vertically movable 4 – wheel driven muted
  • Massage hands with intelligent Whole body Air bags (in – built 20 air bags and 1 air pump)
  • Neck – twist & stretch, Hip – swing, Waist – twist & stretch,Shoulder massage functions for full body relaxation. 
  • Kneading & Flapping, shiatsu, knocking, Sole rolling with three massage memory functions.
  • Automatic & Manual massage functions for extreme comfort & convenience, relaxed Fatigue & Ache recovery).
  • Assists time setting for massage delivery automatically via timer programming. 15 min
  • 1 – year National Robotouch on-site warranty.
  • Diverse massage modes including kneading, flapping, kneading & flapping, shiatsu, knocking.
  • One of the best Top 3 Best Full Body Massage Sofa Chair India
Top 3 Best Full Body Massage Sofa Chair India

Lixo LI4455 Deluxe Zero Gravity Massage Chair 

Key features of the Lixo LI4455 Deluxe Zero Gravity Massage Chair

  • Functions : Kneading, tapping, kneading with tapping
  • Shiatsu, knock, air squeeze ; wide roller coverage ; one button start
  • Shoulder adjustment that sets roller position as per your shoulder position
  • Customize your comfortable angle of reclining lye down as a bed
  • Swing Massage, spot massage : Option to Target Specific Zones on Your Back
  • Expert Stretching massage for back and leg
  • Excellent for reliving early morning body stiffness
  • Can adjust to any user height : A Blessing for Short Height ed People
  • Foot Roller Massage and Ankle/Calf Nodal Reflexology Massage
  • 1 Year On Site Door Step Warranty + [1 Year On-Site Extended Free Warranty]
  • So this is very first in the list for the Top 3 Best Full Body Massage Sofa Chair India
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