January 24, 2021

Top 3 Automatic Electric Massage Chair India

Top 3 Automatic Electric Massage Chair India

JSB MZ08 Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair 

Key Features of JSB MZ08 Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair-

  • Ankle and Foot Roller Massage
  • Foot Extendable as per User Height
  • Soothing Massage on Lower Back with Heat
  • Stretch Massage to Relieve Muscle Stiffness
  • Compact Massage Chair for Every Household
  • 3D Rollers which travel from neck to buttocks
  • Full Body Massage with Kneading Rollers and Airbags
  • Airbag Massage on Shoulder, Arms, Thighs, Calves and Feet
  • Smart User Friendly Interface with Quick Launch Buttons
  • Auto Modes and Option to Select Different Body Parts Separately
  • 1 Year JSB National Warranty Door Step Service & Support.

Top 3 Automatic Electric Massage Chair India

JSB MZ24 3D Bluetooth Massage Chair And Heat

Key Features of JSB MZ24 3D Bluetooth Massage Chair and Heat-

  • Long Reaching 3D Rollers from Neck to Buttocks with Zero Gravity Recline
  • Shoulder Roller Width Adjustment according to User Width
  • Air Bag Massage on : Shoulder, Arms, Calves & Foot
  • Dedicated Foot Scraping Massage with Feet & Ankle Heating
  • Calf Rubbing & Nodal Acupressure Massage for Better Blood Circulation
  • Full Body Massage Chair with 12 Auto Modes
  • It is Easy to Find a Mode Most Suited for Your Needs
  • 2 in 1 Controls: Control through Highly Interactive Remote or VOICE COMMAND
  • Listen to Your Favourite Music Through MP3 or Bluetooth Sync with this massage chair for home
  • 1 Year On Site Door Step Warranty ; AMC Available ; Dedicated Product Specialist Assistance
  • One of the best selling Top 3 Automatic Electric Massage Chair India.

Top 3 Automatic Electric Massage Chair India

Robotouch Capsule Massage Chair Full Body Pain Relief

Key Features of Robotouch Capsule Massage Chair Full Body Pain Relief-

  • Legs Designed with roller massage function.
  • The back heating function uses carbon fiber as on infrared heating source
  • Designed with six simulation massage methods of kneading and taping, kneading shiatsu, tapping, manipulation and knocking.
  • At bottom of foot, two pairs of mastoid rotating massage on toe root, scraping massage on the arch and heel.
  • This product is designed with a set of four wheel driven mechanical massage hands that can move up and down while stretching back and forth
  • The audio speakers are located on the upper arm area of the product.
  • music can be played by connecting the Bluetooth to a smart or tablet device.
  • One year Robotouch Warrenty on Massage chair.Free installation and Demo.

About Top 3 Automatic Electric Massage Chair India | Available:

Intelligent Auto Detection System-

Top 3 Automatic Electric Massage Chair India has become a necessity for everyone in today’s time. For which here we have listed the best fully automatic recliner massage chair and ready to relief for all tention, stress & internal pains. This massage chair initiative works with body detection technology. All these massage chairs follow the accupoint and pulse tracking function and make the massage more accurate. because these all Top 3 is most luxurious Automatic Electric Recliner Massage Chair in India.

Intelligent detection systems with modern technology have been provided in all these massage chairs. Under which the massage chair activates its smart sensor detector to give effective massage to the neck, shoulder, back, hips and hemstrings and relieve your tiredness. Along with this, massage chair also helps in keeping your body posture correct.

these Top 3 Automatic Electric Massage Chair India provide air bags for complete body massages accuratly and air bags massage help to improve our whole body blood circulation and relaxing the futigue muscles, joint and Mental exhaustion. In these massage chairs uses soft touch material which makes the massage more comfortable and it works on very low noise.

Heating Massage Therapy-

The initiative massage roller heating technology provide full body heat massage therapy and greatly improve massage health care effect. warm hand feel also make the massage much better. This quality physical massage chair gives a more professional massage feel, which makes you stress and tension free.

a multi-functional versatile massage chair provide types of kneeding, tapping, knowking, shaistu, kneading with tapping , backrub program functionality massages. And neck to hip multi angle one piece massage is best therapy for relief and relaxation. These Top 3 Automatic Electric Massage Chair India is the best option for your home and office use and massage chairs and You get to see space saving design in these automatic massage chairs. Easy to setup and installation in compact area.

In The massage chair also included in foot massager which gives you foot therapy with rollers and pressing the accupoints of the feet is appropriate. Which is very good for your healthy body and is fully capable of keeping you away from other diseases.

Zero Gravity Massage Function-

One of the most popular feature of these Bluetooth massage chairs which is zero gravity massage function & that is improve your body blood circulation & help to increase memory & proper sleep.

The body structure has been upgraded for advanced level massage therapy in these massage chairs, so that full body stretching and massage can be done. All these high tech massage chairs can be easily used on low cost maintenance and low power consumption. The comfortable massage chair is absolutely useful for everyone from elders to old age and massage chair is the best investment option for your health care.

In the zero gravity body position massage chair upper part down up to 30 degree angle, mid part adjust up to 25 degree & lower foot part adjust on 28 degree. After that you can feel like your are in space and more comfortable. Zero gravity massage chair position is stress free decision, promoting your blood circulation , inhance memory, release pressure on mind, stress on heart and gives strength on the muscles.

Stretching function give you full body relaxation & happiness Within a short time from these useful massage chairs. The massage chairs apply high massage technics & stretch your tired muscles and active joints without any hustle.

Operating Control System-

All Top 3 Recliner chair with Massage India gives you 2 types of intelligence control flexible operating to properly massage chair as your recommendation and handy remote allow to full customization of massage chair and easy to use effortlessly with smart remote control system. The most amazing thing of massage chair gives comfortness with soft roller massage and heat massage neck to hip and the first priority of massage chair there is best for personal and patient care wellness product for term usability.

Music therapy is also part of top 3 massage chairs because 2 inbuilt quality speaker provided in massage chairs. For which you can listen to the music of your choice after Bluetooth connectivity & you can take advantage of massage therapy & massage function matches your music rhythm. The massage chair accessible for quickly pain relief and treats internal injuries with proper therapy. These Top 3 Automatic Electric Massage Chair India belongs to high value trusted brands. So let us conclude the topic of Massage chairs.

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