August 14, 2022

5 Best Massage Chairs For Stress Relief India 2022

Topic: 5 Best Massage Chairs For Stress Relief India 2022 

Massage Chair For Stress Relief

5 Best Massage Chairs For Stress Relief India 2022

Are you searching for the best massage chair on the internet for full body stress and pain relief at home in India?

In this 5 Best Massage Chairs For Stress Relief India 2022  article, we will help you choose the Ultimate Massage Chair machine for complete body pain relief and relaxation with effective massage therapy.

Often you are seeing your senior parents in the family doing problems like physical pains, in which the neck, back, joints and leg pains are very common.

Which becomes chronic pain with increasing age. Not only this, but the younger generation is also a facing these extreme pains cause of unhealthy lifestyle.

but imagine that you have an electric automatic massage chair, which is equipped to give full body massage at home and give comfort. The massage chair reactivates your tired muscles and improves blood flow throughout the body.

here we listed some selected 5 Best Massage Chairs For Stress Relief India 2022  with affordable budget for buying, which is able to fulfill your all expectations. So before buying a massage chair we will show you how massage chair works and provide a effective and human like massage therapy for full body relaxation.

Checkout the 5 Best Massage Chairs For Stress Relief

1. JSB MZ22 Heavy Duty Massage Chair for Pain Relief –

Massage Chairs For Stress Relief



3D Mechanism


Great for Gift

Bluetooth Connectivity

110 Kg Item Weight

Human Like Massage

Key Features of JSB MZ22 Massage Chair –

  • Zero Gravity Space Saving Design
  • Full body Airbags massage therapy
  • Stretching Massage to Relieve Tired Muscles
  • 3D Kneading and Rubbing Massage on Calf 
  • Scrapping Massage to Improve Blood Circulation 
  • Bluetooth connectivity for listen music during massage.
  • Special X-twist Waist Massage for Waist Flexibility 
  • Long Reaching Rollers for Back & Hip Massage
  • Airbag Massage on Shoulder, Hands, Calves and Feet 
  • Massage Chair for Pain Relief Heavy Duty for Home
  • 1 Year On Site Door Step Warranty on JSB Mz22
  • Massage Techniques : Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, Knock, Rubbing & Vibration 

Jsb health care brand is the most trusted and established company in india. In which jsb mz22 is one of the best massage chairs for Stress relief and relaxation. The massage chair helps ease your workload stress and burden with a gentle soothing massage to calm your mind and sends positive signs to the mind.

This full body massage chair features L frame rollers, which provides massage on stiff neck, back, hip and hamstrings to release tight muscles. Also allows you to adjust the speed of the rollers and the width of the roller to cover a wide area of ​​the body during the massage.

In this massage chair has multiple variety of massage techniques like shiatsu, kneading, topping, knocking, rubbing and vibration, that is more then compare to other massage chairs. This is the reason why it is by far the best 3D massage chair in India and users love it.

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Post workout massage chair helps to recover and relieve your fatigue muscle pain. In which massage stretches your body and improves flexibility at home. Airbags in the foot part of the massage chair provide gentle massage to release the muscles on tight and tired calves.

Foot scraping massage therapy on the soles of the feet helps reduce foot pain and plantar fasciitis, and also gives a benefits of foot reflexology massage. So this is the unique feature of this luxury massage chair.

If you would like to your massage chair gives you more comfortable massage and feel weightless, so you can do just press zero gravity button on remote, after that massage chair recline up to your comfort level in less space. in which allows you for individually adjust to elevate footrest and recline the back rest as per your suitability.

This heavy duty massage chair has a Bluetooth feature to connect to your Smartphone, allowing you to listen to your favorite music with the massage chair’s speakers. You can also use voice commands to play your track.

BODYFRIEND Zero Gravity 4D Massage Chair –

Massage Chair For Stress Relief



4D Machenism

110Kg Little Heavy Weight

Head Massager

Bluetooth Connectivity

Value For Money

1 Unit Power Cons. On 6 Hr Using

Key Features of BODYFRIEND Massage Chair – 

  • Intensity Control as your Suitability
  • Real super long S track of 1450mm
  • Provide a deeper massage for Relaxation.
  • 4D massage chair Armrest Linkage system technology
  • Automatic Body Scan to suit different height persons
  • Zero gravity Heavy Duty Chair for optimum comfort
  • Scan your body and adjust the rollers to reach all areas of your body
  • Multiple Air Bags in all parts in chair, Back , Calf , Foot massage
  • Multiple Options for Head Massage to relief from stress.
  • 1 Year warranty on BODYFRIEND massage chair.

This Body Friend 4D Massage Chair is premium and high quality massage chair in India as 4D Massage chair has latest generation technology to enhance the massage experience as it has higher work efficiency as compared to 3D Massage Chair. the recliner massage chair cover’s your allover body parts for massage and relieves your target pain points.

The best part about this stress relief massage chair is that it is compact size to fit perfectly in office and home with space saving design and also has wheels at the base for easy transport.

The best massage chair machine has automatic and manual massage modes with graceful & power performance. Which allows to customize the massage setting as per your suitability and intense pain level.

In this Best massage chair in india 2022 you get multiple types of massage like shiatsu, kneading, tapping, knocking, vibration, clapping and heating massage. Vibration massage mode provides effective massage on hip region to overcome from pain and you can also adjust the level of intensity of vibration.

This bodyfriend 4D massage chair is different from other massage chairs because it has zero gravity function for maximum comfort and support with 3 adjustable zero gravity modes. in which initial zero gravity, second is comfort zero gravity and last deep zero gravity.

The last deep zero gravity position is provide ultimate relaxation and lightweight, cause the body weight to be evenly distributed and you can feel like you are in space.

In this 4D massage chair from Bodyfriend, you have been provided with the automatic shoulder detection feature, Which does measurement for height through scanning your shoulder and then allows you to get the perfect massage for you.

Massage chair helps to improve your poor sitting posture due to uncomfortable office chair throughout the day and aligned your spine. One of the highlight feature of this best massage chair, it has head massager on top. the head massager reduce mental stress and headache or Helps prevent  from depression and anxiety.

RoboTouch Maxima Luxury Full Body Massage Chair –

Massage Chair For Stress Relief



2D Mechanism

Not Found

Budget Friendly

Good Customer Support

97 Kg Item Weight

Zero Gravity Position

Key Features of Robotouch Massage Chair –

  • 2D shoulder detection function
  • LED light near armrest enhance look.
  • Full body 2D massage chair for pain relief
  • Zero gravity position for more relaxation
  • Smart handy remote controller easy to use
  • Massage roller helps to healing muscle soreness
  • Heat function relieves your stressed back muscle
  • 3rd Top Rated in 5 Best massage chairs india 2022
  • Shiatsu, kneading, flapping, knocking massage techniques.
  • One Year National on-site RoboTouch warranty

The Robotoch Maxima is an ergonomically designed massage chair, Which you can adjust manually according to your need and start massage therapy. If you feel your back pain during office work, car driving or lifting heavy weights, then the zero gravity massage function of the RoboTouch massage chair helps you to cure this pain.

In the zero gravity position, there is no pressure on the back and the body remains in the relaxation zone. for a recline position you can adjust manually according your suitable level. This massage chair has a 15-minute auto shut off feature, which ensures safety first.

The massage chair comes with a space saving simple and sleek design for easy installation in small space at home and office. The feature of saving 2 memory levels has been provided in this luxury massage chair.

With the help of which you can save different suitable massage types on m1 and m2. Due to which you can enjoy your favorite effective massage therapy every day.

The massage roller helps to muscle activation and regulate blood circulation in entire body. after a session of massage eliminates fatigue of overall body, just because of powerful massage performance.

The S Track Massage Chair Roller does not forget to completely cover the neck, back and hamstrings and provides an effective massage experience as compared to the L Track. The massage chair works on your target pain point and helps to reduce with gentle massaging.

The robotouch massage chair provides all of necessary massage mode like shiatsu, flapping, kneading and knocking. Speed ​​adjustment is also provided with these massage modes, Due to which we can adjust the accordingly massage roller intensity level of body Muscle Pain Intensity through smart and handy remote.

One of the most highlight function of this best massage chair, it has auto detecting feature for height and spinal curve. which is helps to inform massage chair for adjustments, also help to improves poor body posture.

The auto heating function provide a gentle warm massage therapy  in mid and lower back to healing muscle pain and provide relaxation.

It is possible to adjust this massage chair to massage a particular part of the body and the whole body at a time. This is why Robotch has been added to the list of best massage chairs for stress relief in India 2022.

RoboTouch Urban Full Body Massage Chair –

Massage Chair For Stress Relief



2D Mechanism

Not Found

Great for Gift

Budget Friendly

97Kg Item Weight

One Touch Recline

Ultimate Comfort & Relaxation

Key Features Of RoboTouch Urban Massage Chair –

  • 3 level adjustable massage speed
  • ergonomic design ensure more comfort.
  • 20 airbags for full body massage therapy.
  • 3 level adjustable intensity level of air pressure
  • Ideal massage chair for home and office using.
  • Massage chair recline like a bed for ultimate relaxation
  • Set of vertically movable, four wheel driven muted intelligent massage hands
  • Assists time setting for massage delivery automatically via timer programming 15 min
  • Pre programmable time setting of 5-30 minutes in multiples of 5 minutes
  • Diverse massage modes including kneading, flapping, kneading & flapping, shiatsu, knocking 
  • One Year National on-site RoboTouch warranty

Robotoch is a branded and established company for health care products like massage chairs. This massage chair has a neck and head support pad cushion, which you can easily adjust as per your suitability for the height level.

The Robotach Massage Chair is  designed ergonomically to provide full body massage, thanks to which it positions the shoulders for people of all types of height and works like human hand massage therapy.

in this Massage Chair For Stress Relief has multiple massage types like shiatsu, kneading, tapping, knocking. which is best part of this you can combine these massages such as shiatsu + tapping, kneading + tapping to enhance much more massage experience.

Robotouch provides compact and space saving designed massage chair, which is easily set-up in your home and office room. the massage chair easily goes on zero gravity position in small space for giving you optimum comfort level and relief from tension and stressed body.

The SL curved frame of the massage chair absorb your body shape without leaving a space with proper backrest support system.

After you have a sit on massage cushion seat you can enjoy the massage session with plush feel and the SL frame massage rollers start providing a deep massage comfortably. Also The seat cushion is detachable.

in this massage chair has 20 airbags, in which 4 airbags near both arms, 4 airbags near calves and 8 air bags near foots. In this massage, air pressure creates pressure on the body part, presses, stops and releases it, which improves oxygen, blood circulation in the body.

Robotouch urban is Best Full Body Massage Chair With Air Pressure. The massage chair allows you to adjust the 3 levels of air pressure according to your needs. This process is very good for health.

This full body massage chair has a 2D detection feature, which detects your height through body scanning and then adjusts the setting and provides an ultimate massage therapy. It helps to reduce your overall stress and feel free.

This great massage chair has an infrared heating function, which provides gentle warm therapy on the back area to reduce extreme back muscle pain. The heat function suitable temperature rate  between 104°-120°c.

JSB MZ30 Leather Full Body Massage Chair for Home

Massage Chair For Stress Relief



2D Mechanism

Not Found

120W Power Consumption 

72Kg Item Weight 

Great Customer Support

Extandable Foot Rest

Air Bag Massage

Key Features of JSb Mz30 Massage Chair –

  • Ankle and Foot Roller Massage 
  • Soothing Heat on Lower Back 
  • Foot Extendable as per User Height 
  • Stretch Massage to Relieve Muscle Stiffness
  • 8 Dedicated Rollers for Back & Neck Massage 
  • Massage Chair for Home Full Body Pain & Stress Relief 
  • Full Body Massage with Kneading Rollers & Airbags
  • Airbag Massage on Shoulder, Arms, Thighs, Calves & Feet
  • 5th most buying in 5 Best Massage Chair For Stress Relief
  • 3 Auto Modes & Option to Select Different Body Parts Separately 
  • 1 Year On Site Door Step Warranty

Jsb MZ30 is a 2d massage chair, which is ideal for senior citizens to using for reduce there chronic pains and provides suitable massage therapy for ultimate body relaxation. All the massage function easily control and adjust with smart handy remote controller.

The ergonomic structure of massage chair helps to improve your sitting posture & spine alignment. the compact and space saving design easily set-up in your small space home and office room.

In this automatic best massage chair india has 14 massage rollers, in which 8 massager roller provide rejuvenation massage experience on neck and back specially. the massage chair has 3 auto modes for massaging on specific area for maximize comfort and relief.

The massage chair has inbuilt body sensor, which is recognize your body and providing suitable massage your targeted specific pain point for muscle relaxation. the zero gravity position of the massage chair enhance your soothing massage experience on your comfort level.

Because in zero gravity position your body weight is evenly distributed on the massage chair and you can feel weightless and you are in space. In this position, stretch your entire body and relax the tense muscles.

JSB massage chair allows you adjusting manually recline level as your suitability. thermal heating function provides heat on back ache and pain with suitable temperature rate and relax your sore muscles.

Foot massager rollers helps in reducing extreme pain of calves, ankles and feet and also helps in curing muscle stiffness and air bags massage therapy provides soothing massage on painful foot to relief with adjustable air pressure intensity level.

The extendable footrest allows it to be adjusted according to the height of the users.

A poor blood circulation in body is cause of the physical pain problems in any age group. for which the combine therapy of massage chair’s, airbag + rollers massage helps to improves blood flow in whole body and reduce the pains in body.

Your back allows you to lift, twist and turn. We all know back pain, which occurs due to improper lifting, wrong sitting posture, arthritis and some other reasons.

Massage therapy is a quick way to relieve back pain, back massage helps to improve blood circulation and muscle recovery after physical activity. Massage can relax stiff muscles and increase range of motion.

Best Lower Back Pain Massager in India

If you are troubled by your sleepless nights and suffer from insomnia, massage chair effective and suitable massage helps to overcome insomnia.

In these 5 Best Massage Chairs India 2022, massage roller balls cover the wide area to relieve your aching back and Provides a gentle massage from top to bottom, according to the curve shape of the spine, So that the target pain point can be reached easily.

FAQ: 5 Best Massage Chairs For Stress Relief India 2022

What is the difference between 2D, 3D and 4D massage chairs?

2D Massage Chair –

  • In this 2d massage chair the roller moves up and down, side to side for providing a effective massage therapy.
  • Massage chair helps to reduce your back muscles ache for relaxation.
  • This 2d massaging mechanism easily available in mostly massage chair, which is in match your pocket friendly budget.
  • The way you adjust the feeling of intensity and 2d massage chair is to increase the speed then the roller are moving.

3D Massage Chair –

  • 3D massage technology is a function you find in many massage chairs.
  • People love 3D massager the most because it is adjustable.
  • The rollers move up and down, side to side or back and forth depending on your intensity preference.
  • Extra powerful motor in massage chair, because of which users that what enjoy deep pressure massage with comfort.
  • 3d mechanism adjusts for a deeper and lighter massage therapy.
  • The advance function of 3d massage technology, is that is allows for a better body scan before massage.
  • You Feel Exactly As If A human Is Giving A Gentle Massage With His Hands and you can feel the relaxation.

4D Massage Chair –

  • The 4d massage chair is latest update of 3d massage chair with advanced functions.
  • Some 4d massage chairs also offers manual modes for you can customize the massage settings to relief your extreme body pain.
  • 4d massage chair is counted among luxury massage chairs list.
  • The massaging rollers moves up and down, side to side or back and forth.
  • but the additionally rollers can actually varied the speed, when they are in surtain mode.
  • Essentially mimic that level of adjustability & They work like a human to give deep tissue massage to relief your entire body.

The robotouch urban Full Body Massage Chair is perfect for your buying plan. because this is 2d massage chair with fully automatic and manually customizable multiple massage modes as your suitability compare to other chairs.

The robotouch  Massage Chair is fulfills your rejuvenation massage experience dream. the space saving design perfectly match your home and office interior with easily set-up in small area.

This massage chair works on lowest noise with low power consumption. this is the best opportunity to investing in one of the safest health care massage chair in pocket friendly budget.

That’s why we highly considered buying this best-selling Robotouch Massage Chair with 1 Year National on-site RoboTouch warranty. Users highly appreciate this Robotoch massage chair among 5 Best Massage Chairs For Stress Relief India 2022.

5 Best Massage Chairs in India

How to use body massage chairs?

First of all, to use body massage chair, you sit comfortably on the cushioned seat of the massage chair without any problem. After that take the remote controller of the massage chair, press the power button to start the massage machine.

The body scanning feature begins to recognize your body composition and adjusts the massage components for deep and effective full body massage therapy.

the massage chair has automatic and manual massage program. but massage chair allows you for using customizable massage functions with suitability. in the manual massage mode you can select the massage mode for your particular part of body to relief target pain point.

If you want to have a more deep and pleasant massage, So tilt these 5 Best Massage Chairs with zero gravity position, which is able to enhance your full body massage experience.

After an effective massage session you can feel relaxed, energized muscles, a pleasant environment and pain relief. Which helps to avoid sleepless nights and insomnia. You can sleep better with extreme relaxation.

Can massage chairs help to improve health?

Yes, Stress relief massage chairs have the ability to improve health, the benefits of which you can see here.

  • The massage chairs helps to reduce chronic pain and control the pain gradually.
  • The zero gravity is only position, whom help to increase oxygen intake in body.
  • Massage chair helps keep you energized for acceptance to your next challenge.
  • A effective massage session improves your poor blood circulation in entire body.
  • If you are recovering from an injury, massage therapy can help you recover faster and reactivate muscle.
  • The massage chair provide gentle head massage and helps to overcome your upset mood, depression, negativity.
  • After a massage session body completely relaxed, you can go for better sleep.
  • Your stress level is zero, so forget insomnia and sleepless nights problems.
  • According to sources it has been found that 45 minutes of massage improves lymphocytes in the body.
  • lymphocytes are type of white blood cells that helps shield the body get infection.

Which is the most expensive massage chair india?

In these the 5 Best Massage Chairs For Stress Relief India 2022, JSB MZ22 is one of the most expensive 3D massage chair.

because in this massage chair has various of massaging mode, massage types, suitable intensity speed of rollers and advanced feature like 3 level zero gravity position for deep massage with optimal comfort.

you can set the massage program manually for massaging on specific target pain point for relief. Massage chair has special head massage to relax and peace the stressed mind.

Bluetooth connectivity for listening your favorite music with massage chair’s speaker, these highlight function of the massage chair make different this massage chair compare to other.

These exclusive and latest technology is make it expensive massage chair in india. so if you have enough budget and you can afford them, Then only you go for Jsb Mz30 3D massage chair.

Are Massage Chairs Good for Your Back?

Yes, massage chairs are really helps in relieving your extreme back pain. Because the massage chair’s first priority is to provide effective massage from upper to lower, covering wide area of ​​the back.

for which the massage rollers provide a various of massage type like shiatsu, kneading, knocking, tapping and combine massages, and S track rollers perfectly do a massage from neck to back deeply to release your engage back muscles.

So After a time consuming work, your back  is tired and strained. you need just relaxation with peaceful environment, for which a massage chair is only, that gives you gentle massage therapy at home with fully customizable features and suitable massaging modes.

After a massage therapy, you feel entire body is energetic, stress less and calm. That’s why these 5 Best Massage Chairs India ideal for back pain relief.

Is it worth it to buy a massage chair?

Yes, if you regularly facing extreme and chronic pain, then a massage chair is definitely worth it. Because the massage chair is able to automate a full body massage at home, office.

You do not need to go to the massage parlor by spending a lot. Invest in a massage chair only once from in these Best massage chairs for stress relief India and enjoy the perfect massage therapy for a lifetime.

The massage chair has a variety of latest massage technology, which gives an effective massage therapy on the particular pain area and helps in reducing pain and proper body movement.

This massage chair is not for any one, Rather useful for all age group members and experience the imaginative massage of massage chair.

Conclusion: 5 Best Massage Chairs For Stress Relief

So That’s why I have attached here a list of the top 5 Best Massage Chair For Stress Relief India 2022. You came home from office with a tired and stressed body, and you need a full body massage session and after massage that you feel the body is completely calm and relaxed without any hassle.

This is the magic of massage chairs, which ease your stiff body and muscle aches after a hard day’s work.

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