May 15, 2021

Best Mattress For Senior Citizens In India

Key Features of Comforto Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress 

  • Individual pocket spring ensure motion isolation.
  • Pressure relieving comfort memory foam mattress.
  • Mattress provides incredible back and joint supports.
  • Luxury and plush feel hybrid mattress for healthy sleep.
  • 3D air mesh fabric mattress cover for proper air Flow.
  • Length – 78″ (6.5 Feet) | Width – 72″ (6 Feet) | Height – 8″
  • Ideal hybrid mattress for senior citizen & elder peoples.
  • Wonderful Rest for all Sleeping Positions- back, stomach & side.
  • Memory foam provides orthopedic & Body Responsive Comfort.
  • Primary material: Memory Foam, Pocket Spring; Color: White
  • 11 Yrs (1 Yr complete warranty & thereafter, Pro-rated Warranty)
  • 100 Nights Trial (valid only, product is sold by seller comfortobedding).

Best Mattress For Senior Citizens In India

Key Features of Springtek Eurotop Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress

  • 2 layers of foams in a 3D knitted fabric cover.
  • making the surface comfortable and breathable.
  • Providing softer feel and conforming to body contour.
  • Medium firmness that’s suitable for all kinds of sleepers.
  • The mattress top is quilted with one layer of memory foam.
  • Length (198.12 cm), Width (182.88 cm), Height (20.32 cm).
  • Euro top design is a comfort layer targeted for pressure relief.
  • Pocket coils move independent & provides undisturbed rest & relax.
  • Hybrid mattress combine soft infused memory foam with pocket coils.
  • Firm & bouncy coil base provide back support any types of sleepers.
  • Smart Shipment & Safe 8 Yr Warranty against Manufacturing defects.

Best Mattress For Senior Citizens In India

Key Features of Wake-Up Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress

  • Ultra-Responsive and Maximizes Airflow
  • Provides relief by contours to your body shape.
  • Posturized Support and Proper Spinal Alignment
  • Relieves stress from Spine, Hips, Neck & Shoulders
  • Memory Foam Layer Provides Conforming Comfort
  • Individually Wrapped Coils Promotes Motion Isolation.
  • delivers a soft, cloudy-feel, recognizes your Pressure Points.
  • Length(198.12 cm), Width(182.88 cm), Thickness(20.32 cm)
  • Springs softly bounce without clanking and offers a Luxurious feel.
  • Gel Memory Foam homologizes all body types & sleeping condition.
  • 10 Yrs warranty, Well Packed in Bag, Direct deliver from Factory.

Best Mattress For Senior Citizens In India – Buying Guide

If you are getting up with back pain and joint pain, then this is the right time to convert a thin cotton mattress into a hybrid memory foam pocket spring mattress. Because these mattresses have many responsive layers keep your back and joints in the comfort zone, which is able to reduce your stiffness. Hybrid Spring Mattress This ensures that a senior elder person sleep calmly and comfortably without any hassle.

What are the causes of senior citizen back and joint pain?

In old age, we make changes in our food, but often we fall victim to body tightness and joint pans etc. The reason for this is that the muscles do not get the rest and support as per their requirement and there is stretching in them. The main reason for this stretch is because you have been sleeping on hard mattresses of unbalanced cotton for years. On which the entire weight of your body falls on the upper back and hips while sleeping. And due to lack of support to the lower back, the spinal code is in an unhealthy state with the muscles and the same spinal code is attached to the neck to the hips, the pain of which affects the neck, Back and hips.

Due to these simple mattresses, problems like back pain and stiffness are occurring even in young age, then it is natural to be in old age. So while being a senior citizen, it is important for you to understand which particular part of your body is most prone to physical pains or problems like insomnia while sleeping, whether it is a pain, back pain, hip pain, joint pain, There may be hand numbness, shoulder pain, etc. The mattress of rigid nature keeps the body in an abnormal position, due to which the most pain arises in the waist and joints. Due to which, there is fatigue and weakness in your body all day. That is why we highly considered to go with these Best Mattress For Senior Citizens In India.

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How to prevent Back & Joint pain in senior citizen’s?

So to solve this problem, I have listed some of the best select Hybrid Memory Foam Spring Mattresses, which you can buy from here for a cheap budget as a long term investment. By using these special comfort soften mattresses, you can be successful in reducing your extreme fatigue Back & Joint pains and can make a fresh start in old age and live healthy life.

The thing to keep in mind here is that a fully soft mattress for the elderly will not be able to give them definite support, as a more soft mattress deeply absorbs body contours, But weakened muscles do not fully support the elderly to return and pain may remain in effect. That is why here I advised to use hybrid memory foam mattress with medium firmness. Due to the medium firm body is Absorb to a certain extent, from where the elderly can easily get up and sit. Also, the best advantage of hybrid pocket spring mattresses is that they have proper air circulation.

Because of which you do not sweat while sleeping on mattresses in summer. The Memory foam is warm natured. so an air mesh breathable fabric has been used to maintain air flow through the pocket spring. After sleeping on this air mesh fabric cover mattress, you get a plush -pleasant healthy sleep experience. And Using these hybrid pocket spring mattress also improves your body posture.

What are the benefits of a hybrid mattress?

Hybrid mattress is the best plus point that it allows you to sleep freely and there is no pressure on any part of the body and when there is no pressure on the veins then oxygen & blood circulation also improves, due to which the hands are not numb And you get 7 hours of deep and healthy sleep. On the comfort cool mattress you are able to fall asleep quickly and get up every morning in the old age with a new freshness and activeness without any tightness.

With increasing age, the flexibility of muscles starts to decrease, which also slows down their working capacity and it is natural to have pain due to excessive stress on any part of the body and you can do regular yoga for flexibility and mobility. Or exercise can be done, but after this rest is very important for recovery of tired muscles, for which sleeping on a moderately firm hybrid mattress is the best decision and it can reduce the pain.

The special thing of high density individual pocket spring is when your partner reacts and stir to the mattress in any way. So due to its personal pocket springs you do not feel any effect and your sleep does not get worse. Which is called zero disturbance motion isolation feature and hybrid mattress allows for you turn to without any noise.

We highly considered to be the best bed mattresses for senior citizens and elder people. If you are a senior citizen, there are lot of health related factors like an defiantly play in to your  mattress buying process. May be you have a shoulders, back, joint pains and you not have a fix income, you need to pick right  comfort mattress with great home delivery service. so we have in Affordable budget top 3 Best Mattress For Senior Citizens in hybrid memory foam pocket spring and listed here which focus on your exact target pain categories.

Which is best mattress for senior citizens healthy sleep?

Hybrid memory foam mattress is the best option for joint pain. So if you have chronic joint pain, pay attention to most hips and shoulders. You probably want something very soft and plush to relieve the pressure and release some of the stress placed on the body of the area that is still clearly offering support.

It turns out that the big fluffy pillow top is really good. And It comes in several firmness options, so you can actually tell this mattress to be committed to your personal level of joint pain. This is a really good bed mattress with a soft pillow top, it can provide excellent pressure relief and support for the elderly with chronic joint pain.

The best pick mattress for senior citizen’s regular back pain issue. if you are suffering from back pain for long time, So you should go with the Hyper Targeted Zone Support System to keep your back in proper alignment. That is why these top 3 best mattresses for senior citizens are designed primarily to relieve this pain.

it’s just an overall really comfy and soft natural foam feel mattress. which is allow to sleep on back stomach side & combination for all sleeper types. So not matter what types sleeper you are these comfort mattress able to committed to preferences well keeping your back in proper spinal alignment. Therefore these Best Mattress For Senior Citizens in India have been highly appreciated during use for back pain relief.

What is the best type of Mattress for heavy weight elderly ?

If you are an overweight elder person, these luxury hybrid mattresses are specially designed for comfortable heavy sleep for a heavy weight person. Because the individual pocket spring is capable of absorbing the heavier weight of the larger person. Additional support coils handle the heaviest weight and all three sleeping positions are also a good match for the back, stomach, and side sleepers.

When you sleep as a side sleeper on a memory foam mattress, there is no numbness problem due to absorbing the weight of the memory foam. And you also get rid of the problem like insomnia. You can easily take deep breaths even when there are stomach and side sleepers on the hybrid mattress. So here we have listed the top 3 best hybrid mattresses, these allow to be used for a long time without any complaints.

The hybrid pocket spring mattress is ideal for heaviest weight person’s healthy sleep with joint and back pain relief. Because the springs allows mattress to adjust it’s shape and reduce the chance of sagging. A The pocket spring mattress is related to the bouncy nature, which quickly returns to the neutral position for whole body comfort support. So finally let us conclude the topic of Best Mattress For Senior Citizens In India 2022.

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